Ex SAS Captain Lacklan Walker can’t catch a break. After two tough years his arch enemy, Omega, the shadowy government within a government, are broken and Lacklan is drifting, trying to heal, heading slowly home. That’s how he winds up in Tucson, Arizona, just in time to witness a drive by shooting in which beautiful, innocent, eighteen year-old Celeste Martinez, gets gunned down and dies, holding Lacklan’s hand, staring into his eyes - in Cora’s Golden Café parking lot, a hundred and fifty yards from the Santa Cruz Tucson PD Station. In a town drowning in the black tide of Mexican drugs trafficking, the gangs make the law, and enforce it with guns. In the Fairgrounds district of Tucson, those gangs are the Iluminados and the Santos del Diablo, and the cops know better than to get in their way. But Lacklan knows that one of them killed Celeste, just for being in the wrong parking lot at the wrong time, and if the Law won’t act to avenge her, then Lacklan Walker will bring his own brand of justice to bear: 9 mm Justice.