Captain Lacklan Walker, son of a Boston Brahmin, spent ten years in the British SAS, nursing his hatred for his father, and learning how to kill – a skill at which he is the best among the best. Yet when his father was on his death bed, Lacklan made him two promises: that he would find and protect Marni, his own childhood sweetheart, and that he would destroy Omega, a shadowy organization of elite billionaires who seek to control world events, the world economy, and the world’s future. An organization of which his father was a leading member. Three years down the line and both Omega and Marni lie dying. Only one branch of the organization survives, the branch that controls Russia and China, and Lacklan is out to finish them forever. It is no longer just the promise he made to his father. This is payback, for everything they have taken from him. This is a journey of revenge that will take him and his Comrade Njal across the Bering Straits, in a grueling, perilous journey through Siberia, to Moscow, Japan and eventually to the Gobi desert. There, in an explosive final conflict, Lacklan will finally confront his darkest demons, and the hideous truth about Omega…