Harry Bauer’s job is to take out the trash. He works for Cobra, a secret agency that assassinates tyrants, cartel bosses - and other trash.

Colonel Kostas Marcović was one of the butchers of the Vukovar Hospital massacre. He was a mark like any other. Except that Marcović was hiding on St George Island in the Caribbean, where the Colombian cartel Bloque Meta was trying to open up a new path to Florida. And Harry had a big problem with drug cartels, a problem that threatened to pull the whole mission of track.

That wasn’t the only problem Harry faced on that sultry, tropical island. There was also Maria, the sultry, tropical owner of Old Joe’s - and the local drug lord’s girl. Then there was the mysterious Helen, Maria’s friend. She had a past, and an agenda, that Harry cannot fathom.

Worst of all, when Harry finally tracks down Marcović, it turns out there are two of them. Both hate each other, both claim to be innocent, and Helen loves them both. Now Harry must decide, which one lives and which one dies…