What do you do when what you most crave in life is peace and the warmth of a family, but all life has taught you is how to fight and how to kill? What do you do when you have turned your back on violence and killing, when you’ve started to make that home, and the enemy you thought was dead comes knocking at your door? For Lacklan Walker, ten year veteran of the SAS, that question had only one answer. You go in fighting. But unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. Because the enemy he thought was dead, was a lot less dead than he’d thought. And when he turns to his old friend Jim Redbeard for help, he finds that his old enemy, Omega, have been playing a very dark game indeed, and if he is to defeat them he will have to face them on their own turf, where they are strongest. In a mission that takes him half way across the world, to the deserts of Namibia and the Western Cape of South Africa, to Cameroon, Cadiz and Oxford, this is Lacklan’s toughest challenge yet: a challenge that could well cost him everything…