It started with a dream. A dream where the hunter was hunted by a baying pack lusting for blood and power. And when he awoke from that dream, Lacklan Walker, ten year veteran of the SAS, knew his days of killing were not over yet. They would never be over until the pack was dead. This would be a mission like none other. Now he would answer to nobody but himself. He could have no allies, no support, no back up, because what he was going to do was nothing less than assassination. Murder. To protect his family, for the good of the nation and perhaps the world, Lacklan must go to LA, to Hollywood; take upon himself the triple mantle of Judge, Jury and Executioner – and there assassinate one of the country’s best loved household names: writer, director and producer of the USA’s most popular TV series, Aaron Fenninger… Also known as Epsilon, Omega’s No 5. Kill: One.