The cops at the 43rd called it the unsolvable case. October, 2010, Sally Jones had been stabbed in the heart in her apartment on Commonwealth Avenue, in the Bronx. Her coat was on the back of her chair. Her shoes were beside her bed, her clothes were neatly folded, and she was dead under the sheets. The killer had removed Sally’s hands and feet and departed, leaving no trace - except the dismembered body. October, 2019, as the national media focuses on the 43rd’s unbroken record in cold cases, Detective John Stone, head the unit, decides to tackle the case. But he and Dehan are soon to discover that this is a case like no other: who were the visitors who came to see her before her death? What was their connection with the shadowy Sacred Brotherhood of Christ? And did her brother, Captain Ewan Jones, seek to help her - or murder her? It soon begins to look like this is indeed the case they will never crack. And what, Dehan wants to know, happened to the Mustang?