Harry Bauer is a professional assassin. He is employed by Cobra, a shadow agency that provides certain, select Western governments with total deniability, while taking out the trash. Bauer is very good at what he does. In fact, he’s the best.

So when the brigadier, his overall boss, tells Bauer to go to Canada, pick up a woman and escort her to DC, he is understandably pissed: He eliminates bad guys, he’s not a nursemaid.

But when a few hours into the job the CIA send a highly professional hit squad to take out his charge, Diana, Harry begins to realize there is more to the job than babysitting. And when every attempt to get information about her is stonewalled, both by Diana and Cobra, he knows he has been put in the middle of something big, and dark.

It was supposed to be a simple escort, Calgary to DC, but it ends up taking Bauer and Diana across the Atlantic to the Azores, to Cadiz and beyond, before he discovers the terrifying truth, and does what he has to do, what he does best…

Take out the trash.