One thing Harry Bauer knew for certain: He was not a man who could ever fall in love and make a home.

Until it happened. And then he knew something else. He had to give up his job as an assassin for Cobra. He could not lie to that woman, he could not bring danger into her life.

But then a hit squad came after him, and Cobra made him an offer he could not refuse. One last job, the Einstaat Brief, and they would keep her safe.

One last job:

A job that would take him to Andorra, high in the Pyrenees, to a secret conference of 130 of the world’s most powerful men and women, cloistered in a luxury hotel to discuss the future of the world. Among them, Stephen Plant, Andrew Ashkenazi and William Hughes; IT billionaires, believers in ‘strong Ai’. Each one of them must die. Because their plans for humanity cannot be allowed to succeed.

There was just one problem. It had to be done then, right then, with no planning and no intel.

And only Harry Bauer could do that…