Captain Lacklan Walker, ten-year veteran of the British SAS, has delivered a devastating blow to his arch enemies, Omega, the shadowy world government that has been manipulating world affairs, guiding them toward a single, inescapable catastrophic event out of which they would rise supreme. But now they are crippled, all but finished… But so is Lacklan. The fight has cost him dear. He has lost everything that was most precious to him. Badly hurt he withdraws to Galveston Island, in the Gulf of Mexico, to the beach house his parents took him to as a kid. There he plans to visit old friends, lick his wounds and heal in the sun and the sea: rediscover himself. What he discovers is Emily, the daughter his old friend Harry Burgess never knew he had, Emily who has a dark and secret past she will not reveal, Emily who is terrified and fleeing – but from whom, or what…? One thing is clear to Lacklan: he will not repeat past mistakes. His heart is hardened, and when the time comes to fight, as come it must, the destroyer within him will be unleashed…